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But perhaps our opinion would become more expansive once we knew that he engaged in this stunt to raise money for a charity that supports people with cancer. In any case, the coming weeks would be a favourable time for you, too, to engage in extravagant, extreme, or even outlandish behaviour on behalf of a good or holy cause. Since producing his first album in late , he has released other albums that span a wide variety of musical genres—an average of 23 per year. I propose that we make him your patron saint for the next six weeks.

While it's unlikely you can achieve such a gaudy level of creative self-expression, you could very well exceed your previous personal best in your own sphere. And yet Doyle was also a devout spiritualist who pursued interests in telepathy, the occult, and psychic phenomena. It's no surprise that he was a Gemini, an astrological tribe renowned for its ability to embody apparent opposites.

Sometimes that quality is a liability for you folks, and sometimes an asset. In the coming weeks, I believe it'll be a highly useful skill. Your knack for holding paradoxical views and expressing seemingly contradictory powers will attract and generate good fortune. Harriet was far from her original home in the Galapagos Islands. By some accounts, evolutionary superstar Charles Darwin picked her up and carried her away during his visit there in I propose that you choose the long-lived tortoise as your power creature for the coming weeks.

With her as inspiration, meditate on questions like these: 1.

The Big Change! Uranus, Mercury, New Moon in Taurus May 13 -19 Astrology Horoscope by Nadiya Shah

LEO July Aug. Even if that's true, I don't think it detracts from the beauty of "Because. What could you do in reverse so as to create an interesting novelty? What approach might you invert in order to instigate fresh ways of doing things? Is there an idea you could turn upside-down or inside-out, thereby awakening yourself to a new perspective? The literal meaning of the Tsonga phrase, malebvu ya nghala is "It's a lion's beard," and its meaning is "something that's not as scary as it looks. Don't necessarily trust first impressions or initial apprehensions.

Be open to probing deeper than your instincts might influence you to do. May they help mobilize you to seize all emerging opportunities to come forth, spring up, grow, thrive, swell, and increase in numbers or strength. They may grow more underfur or feathers, and some add extra fat. To conserve heat, they may huddle together with each other. In the coming weeks, I don't think you'll have to do what they do. But I do suspect it will be a good time to engage in behaviours that have a resemblance to hibernation: slowing down your mind and body; thinking deep thoughts and feeling deep feelings; seeking extra hugs and cuddles; getting lots of rich, warm, satisfying food and sleep.

What else might appeal to your need to drop out of your fast-paced rhythm and supercharge your psychic batteries? I don't suggest that they actually eat the pages, although there is historical precedent for that. Lone Star Green. Migrant Nation. News Etc. The Daily.

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