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Lamat represents the seed, corn, pride, harvest and food. It is the nagual of all kinds of animal and plant seeds, and the daysign of fertility and harvests, of prosperity and abundance. Take these next thirteen days to enjoy and celebrate the abundance in your life, without guilt, without hesitation: celebrate who you are, what you bring to this world and your loved ones, and what your loved ones and the world around you, in turn bring to you.

Abundance is life in its breathtaking diversity of forms and colors. Addicts, sexual deviants, arrogant, problem makers.

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Unlucky, easily confused, weak. Teachers, doctors, lawyers, secretaries, discoverers, researchers, judges, and prostitutes. They were to be courageous, generous, likely to ascend in the world, men with many children, overflowing with plenty, lavish, prodigal, fond of having enough to give away, enemy of poverty, friends to those who asked favors, always willing to comply.

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Monkey Color and Directional Association: Fun loving people who love goofing off and entertaining others. They are also tenacious people who do not stop until they reach their goal. Masters of the arts. Intelligent, good hearted, judicious, and sage-like. They are connected with the ancestors. They like to teach and lead by example, often becoming charismatic leaders.

They like nature, and personal quests in nature.


Lucky in business, marriage, and life. Automatically rich and respected. Trouble solving their own problems, hard hearted, overly proud, arrogant, foolish. Merchants, artists, singers, dancers, weavers, agriculturalists, and priests. Gay, like actors, roguish, filled with charm, clever, making their living because of these attributes.

They were to have many friends, they were to be found among kings and nobles. If the child was female, she was to be a merry singer, graceful, not too modest or chaste, pleasant, easy to persuade in any matter. Mountain Lion Color and Directional Association: Travelers, very organized, nice, hard working, opportunistic, and intuitive. Love "the hunt" but also home. They see into the future by thinking ahead and foreseeing the obstacles.

A good, long, healthy life. Solitary, fickle, prone to tantrums Occupations: Merchants, explorers, hunters, midwives, and researchers. Augured a grave illness every year, which was to reach its crisis and then disappear completely. The disease was like the wild grass, which dries up every year and then grows green again. Thus the child born under this sign yearly became ill and then got well. He did not die of the illness.

No other predictions were attached to this sign. Armadillo Color and Directional Association: Nice, attentive, helpful, and thankful people. Everything they contact multiples. Generous, especially with family, and community oriented. Often have enemies who are jealous of their success. Perfectionists, talented with plants and agriculture. Honest and able to keep secrets. Lucky in love, business, and family.

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