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But this New Moon isn't your ordinary new moon. It's also a Solar Eclipse. We have arrived at the welcome mat of the summer's eclipse season. This mat sits at a door that will either open for us to step through, or slam in our faces. While that may leave a bruise, a shut door ultimately redirects us to another door to step through.

Because there might be a spike in opportunities. Change is in the forecast. If you've been feeling particularly frustrated and stuck in a stagnant situation, you might feel fog lift. This new moon is all about discovering our self worth.

Aries: The Person You Are Behind Closed Doors

Perhaps write a love letter to yourself or vow to be more patient with your progress. Draw yourself a bubble bath and apply to your dream job. You're in charge of changing your life. July is bookended with new moons — the next one will be on Jul. Prepare for the influx of emotions. The first July new moon makes it clear that home really is where the heart is, Aries.

Career Horoscope: Gemini

This eclipse " could prompt a move or a significant change under your roof—from the occupants to the decor to the house rules of Chateau Aries," according to AstroStyle. But it's not just about a new abode. A significant woman in your life could be the gateway to a new opportunity that could lead to serious changes. Pay attention to communication around this new moon. This new moon and eclipse will "fall along your communications axis, stimulating your desire for variety , mental stimulation, and contact," said Cafe Astrology.

Change up your commute home from work. Engage in meaningful conversations.

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And keep a journal around through it all. While you're being stimulated by change, a genius idea might be sparked. When it comes to matters of making money, this eclipse could wash away outdated habits and introduce a new opportunity for income — and ideas on how to save that new cash flow.

Being that this new moon is occurring in your sensitive sign this month, the effects will likely be maximized for you, dear Cancer. But you can harness that energy and turn major changes into exciting, positive opportunities. Give yourself time. Be patient. Meditate and purge any negativity that's been holding you back.

This new moon will be an assist with making the right changes to bring you more into your power.

You know that saying "when one door closes, another opens"? This rings true for your July new moon experience on the 2nd. One chapter of your life is transitioning into something new —like a closure and a fresh start that happens all at once," AstroStyle predicted. This could be an ideal time for meditating. Consider the total experience in all that you do. From locking down romance to finding new avenues of finance, how can you stimulate with visuals, textures, sounds, scents, and poetic words?

You create a "space" around you wherever you go, whether it's the environment of your home or. Charming, romantic Venus will be sitting pretty in Gemini from Wednesday through July 4, making you simply irresistible. Although other planetary influences are pulling you in a non-committal direction, you'll be feeling your powers of attraction in a major way.

Summer loving does not have to be a series of hookups and a string of flings. Finding someone who can go with the flow is key, a fellow free spirit who gives you space and can introduce you to aspects of the world you might It's gonna be hard to tell between now and July 4 as Venus drops a gauzy, romanticized filter over your lens on life. It's fun to dream Pinpoint a wise counsel who you can bounce ideas off of: you'll need him or her to provide the checks It's going to take a village to get your grand ideas off the ground, so come on out of your bubble and start networking.

What are you looking for: a future life.

Gemini Yearly Horoscope | by The AstroTwins

This planetary influence gives you extra blessings in all business-related affairs. Set up those power lunches and informational interviews. Commit to going to at least one networking event before this week is through. It's not so much about sealing. Loveplanet Venus decamps in Gemini and your travel sector until July 4, calling forth your romantic adventures.

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If you're single, expand your search radius. Love is not geography-specific. Your future one-and-only may be living beyond city limits, state lines, or even out of the country. Got a trip planned prior to Independence Day? Your journey may include a sexy Venus grooves into Gemini, your erotically-charged eighth house, until July 4, ramping up your seductive energy.

Your desire for intimacy and connection intensifies, but not just any old charmer can make it past your steel-barricaded door. You like people who aren't overtly obvious.

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Unwraveling a mystery is one of Your picture of the perfect partner may need a little fine-tuning, however. Drop your past-based assumptions and go do some field research. Date a couple of people who don't initially seem to be your type. The law of "opposites attract" could take you Dabble in different forms of exercise. Try out recipes ranging from raw foodist favorites to gluten-free spins on classic baked goods.

You want to avoid going into this endeavor with the "no pain, no gain" mentality. With Gemini ruling this

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